Benjamin Aaron Shapiro known as Ben Shapiro is an American political commentator, nationally syndicated columnist, author, radio talk show host, and lawyer. He has written several books in his career. Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth is one of his popular books, which he wrote when he was just His family is Jewish, having immigrated in part from Russia.

Inhe graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School. By the age of 17, Shapiro was hired by the Creators Syndicate and became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the U. His third project president published in His other books are Bullies and The People vs. Barack Obama and He published his ninth book True Allegiance in Shapiro hosted the talk radio program in Seattle with a Bonneville Communications station from January to August He resigned it in April ; the site was intended to be conservative for Media Matters for America.

In Septemberhe founded The Daily Wire. He is also the editor-in-chief and a host of his online podcast The Ben Shapiro Show, broadcast every weekday. His podcast was downloaded 10 million plus times each month as of June Inhe remained highly critical of Trump throughout the election phase. Shapiro said congressional candidate that accused Republicans to harass him and his allies.

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Shapiro regularly speaks at numerous colleges across the country. He spoke at 37 colleges between In Septemberhe gave a speech at the invitation of the University of California, Berkeley. While there, he spoke about identity politics with those who use violence to suppress contrary views, whom he characterized as fascistic.

Given his multiple professional involvements and good salary. Shapiro lives in a lavish house with his wife in New York. He also owns two cars; Fords and Range Rover. Ben Shapiro has millions of fans who follow him on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ben Shapiro Biography

He has a huge fan following on his official accounts.And of course TeamYouTube has demonetized our sit-down with benshapiro. Rubin said that even if YouTube reversed the decision, this would still eat into his income potential. He used this issue to raise funds. The company reached out to Rubin on Twitter Thursday afternoon. They said it seemed like he successfully appealed. Please continue to request manual reviews, especially if it happens again.

Thank you! Users said that many videos are unfairly demonetized. An automated process, not a real person, plays a huge role in deciding which videos can be monetized. This has been a running problem for the site. Other wrestling channels reported similar problems, as did users covering mental health issues. Demonetization also hit hosts with channels covering LGBT themes. The host, who goes online by the name Mari, said she contacted YouTube about this, but the customer service rep had no idea why it happened.

YouTube rolled out an update last October, promising, to reduce the number of demonetized videos. They promised that experience would make their algorithm accurate.

In August, we launched the new monetization icons and appeals process so that you would have more transparency into how each and every video on your channel is monetizing. This system uses machine learning to apply a green icon fully monetized or a yellow icon limited or no ads to your videos and offers you the ability to appeal if you think a video is misclassified. Appeals receive a human review and those decisions help the system get smarter over time. Complaints continue to pop up. Technology reviewer Ben Schmanke said that YouTube demonetized a cell phone comparison video in November.

Facebook was accused in of suppressing conservative news stories from the Trending News section. The company denied this.CNN American conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has admitted he was "destroyed" in a TV interview this week with British journalist Andrew Neil after being widely mocked for storming out of the debate and telling Neil: "I'm popular, and no one has ever heard of you.

Andrew Neil: "Georgia's new abortion laws So that's what that feels like ; Broke my own rule, and wasn't properly prepared. I've addressed every single issue he raised before; see below.

Still, it's Neil 1, Shapiro 0. Just pre-taped an interview with BBC's afneil. As I'm not familiar with him or his work, I misinterpreted his antagonism as political Leftism he termed the pro-life position in America "barbaric" -- and that was apparently inaccurate.

ben shapiro youtube

For that, I apologize. I tend to take the opposite position from those I interview. It's a useful way to test their positions. It tells you nothing of my own views. What do American interviewers do? Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Wade Shapiro complained repeatedly throughout the interview, on the BBC's "Politics Live" program, as the longtime broadcaster and former newspaper editor pressed him on some of his previous comments.

The commentator took part in the interview to promote a new book, but the conversation turned tense when Neil quizzed Shapiro on his support of a controversial new abortion law in the state of Georgia. Shapiro asked Neil -- who once was a researcher for Britain's Conservative Party and now chairs the group that operates conservative magazine The Spectator -- why he would not "just say that you're on the left. Shapiro, if you only knew how ridiculous that statement is, you wouldn't have said it," Neil replied.

Shapiro was angered when Neil asked whether such legislation in Georgia takes the United States back to "the dark ages. It goes into effect in January.

Ben Shapiro

Shapiro then asked: "Are you an objective journalist or are you an opinion journalist? It obviously is not; it never has been.

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Many on social media mocked the commentator, who has worked for Breitbart, hosts " The Ben Shapiro Show " and has appeared on networks including CNN, for his responses to Neil's questions. After taping the interview but before it aired, Shapiro said he had apologized to Neil. For that, I apologize," he said. Neil pointed out that the website Shapiro edits, The Daily Wire, had praised him for an earlier interview he conducted about Venezuela.

To a commentator who suggested he was "rude" to Shapiro, Neil replied: "I tend to take the opposite position from those I interview.Internet Life Media Tech. Daniella Greenbaum Davis. This week was a disastrous one for those of us who care about free speech, viewpoint diversity, and fighting censorship. To find out why, tune in to the latest episode of Censored in the Cityin which Ben Shapiro and I dig into the nefarious ongoings at YouTube. I assume that would be exactly who you think it is: BuzzFeedVoxThe Daily BeastThe New York Timesall the places that conservatives love to hate that are basically propaganda outlets for leftist thought.

YouTube, like Facebook and Twitter, is a tech company that has in many ways replaced both the public square and the marketplace of ideas.

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Decisions made by the powers that be at these companies affects the lives, views, and access to information of millions and millions of people every single day. Rather than handle this responsibility, well, responsibly, the tech giants have chosen time and again to censor certain voices and magnify and elevate others. In targeting them, YouTube has shown itself not to be neutral or evenhanded, but biased and opinionated. We here at Censored in the City could live with that, if they would only honestly identify themselves as such.

Will the censorship and deplatforming trend end, and if so, how?

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Will it be through conservatives forming their own versions of each of these social media platforms, to escape the censorship and deplatforming that seems to await them? Dr Roger Henderson.

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Amber Athey. Laurie Graham. The Spectator. Log in Register. My Account Log Out. Subscribe Try a Month Free. Sign up to receive a daily summary of the best of Spectator USA. Email Address. How to be a woman on Twitter Amber Athey. Why are so many of my elderly friends in denial about death? The lockdown list: books to read during quarantine The Spectator. Close Go to Spectator UK.Tired of the lies? Tired of the spin? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth in comprehensive, conservative, principled fashion?

The Ben Shapiro Show brings you all the news you need to know in the most fast moving daily program in America. Ben brutally breaks down the culture and never gives an inch! Monday thru Friday. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

As data begin to trickle in about the true case fatality rate for coronavirus, governors begin to talk about reopening; Democrats push for more government spending; and Trump goes to full-scale war with the press.

In Part 1 we peel back the layers of mystery cloaking the Terror state run by the Kremlin, and watch as America takes its first small steps onto the stage of world leadership.

As local officials exercise their power over minute infractions, Europe examines ways to reopen; debate breaks out in the United States over when to reopen and how; and The New York Times faults Trump for his coronavirus response while letting Joe Biden off the hook for an allegation of sexual assault.

Franklin Graham, Christian leader, President and CEO of Samaritan's Purse, and son of Evangelical leader Billy Graham, joins Ben this week to discuss his response to the coronavirus pandemic, his father's legacy, thoughts on how the Trump presidency has been going, and much more!

Become a Daily Wire member today to hear the bonus questions! Visit dailywire. As the curve flattens, Americans ask what it will take to start to reopen; Trump targets the WHO; and the staffing chaos in the administration continues.

As America flattens the curve, questions arise about what comes next; the media beclown themselves with a variety of foolish narratives; and Alyssa Milano discovers due process.

As the holidays approach, Americans batten down the hatches for a brutal week of coronavirus numbers; doctors and politicians bat around solutions; and Trump and Biden go at it. Excellent analogy!

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Thank you Ben! I listen to your podcast daily. I appreciate how you are bolstering moral! Excellent program! Apple Podcasts Preview.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro admits he was 'destroyed' after cutting short TV debate

APR 14, Ep. APR 13, Ep. APR 8, Ep. APR 7, Ep. APR 6, Ep. Customer Reviews See All. The Daily.The titles are often parodied for their perceived sensationalism. The snowclone originates from YouTube, where similar phrases are frequently used by conservative and libertarian channels to title videos featuring Ben Shapiro and other members of the Intellectual Dark Web delivering rebuttals to liberal arguments.

One distinctive feature of the meme is the use of capitalization combined with strong verbs. The earliest known usage of the phrase was used as the title for a debate between Shapiro and Piers Morgan about gun control.

On December 31st,Twitter user cowabungus tweeted [1] an Instagram post by rob. View All Images. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy.

No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! Origin The snowclone originates from YouTube, where similar phrases are frequently used by conservative and libertarian channels to title videos featuring Ben Shapiro and other members of the Intellectual Dark Web delivering rebuttals to liberal arguments. Ben Shapiro OwOns liberals wi Ben Shapiro Destroys My Sandc Piers Morgan Gets Annihilated Top Comments Delete.

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Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck Discuss Bernie Sanders Dropping Out!

Sign up Now! Close [X]. Okay, This Is Epic. SweetBeans99 Shoplifting Comic. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The Eternal Anglo.And I know that because he bragged about to a room of his supporters. The victim, looking their aggressor calm and realizing that they are indeed acting crazy, often ends up feeling crazy.

When Ben Shapiro makes his victim act aggressive, he makes it a point to highlight while he acts calm and rational. That way, it looks like he is winning the debate thanks to his arguments, and not thanks to his emotional manipulation. Ben Shapiro is an intelligent man and a highly skilled political debater. When transgender Zoey Tur threatened to physically assault Shapiro, Shapiro could have claimed that threats of violence have no place in a debate.

And he could have made the case that everyone in the studio was supporting violence by not openly condemning Zoey Tur and it would have been a good point, BTW. However, he decided not to. That way, people are actually siding with Shapiro by their own volition rather than because Ben complained or asked to do so.

That attitude helps Shapiro browbeat his adversaries and it makes him wield outsized power and influence.

Most people indeed have an inborn tendency to follow the charismatic leader. This is a terrible human bias because it actually helps dictators, psychopathsand snake oil salesmen alike to build a huge following. Ben Shapiro is so good at conveying power and authority that sometimes his least skilled debating opponents simply give up. When people stop debating you they are recognizing your superiority. He does in all the ways he can. But one of his favorites and one of the nastiest power moves he deploys is by implying, or sometimes directly stating, that his opponent is an idiot.

He does it with smirks, witty remarks, voice tonality, eye rolling and other indicators of contempt. Ben Shapiro loves to drop a copious amount of statistics that make him sound like the ultimate authority on the topic.

ben shapiro youtube

If you have been following this blog though you know that statistics can be manipulated to say almost anything you want to say Darrell Huff, For anyone familiar with basic psychology and sociology, this makes little sense. So I looked up the research. Turns out, it was pretty much as I expected it would turn up and pretty much disproving what Shapiro said. Respondents who experienced rejection by family and friends, discrimination, victimization, or violence had elevated prevalence of suicide attempts.

I totally this so. And this is what another research says :. Social support, reduced transphobia, and having any personal identification documents changed to an appropriate sex designation were associated with large relative and absolute reductions in suicide risk. Interventions to increase social inclusion and access to medical transition, and to reduce transphobia, have the potential to contribute to substantial reductions in the extremely high prevalences of suicide ideation.


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