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norwood doodles

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. GoldenDoodle owners!!! Tell me the good, bad and ugly! Thread starter Wonders10 Start date Sep 6, Wonders10 DIS Veteran. Joined Apr 20, Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting a goldendoodle in the very near future. I've found what so far looks like a very reputable breeder not too far from my home.

When I was living with my mom I just moved out a couple months ago after grad schoolwe got a standard poodle. She will be 5 in December so I have experience with a high maintenance dog in terms of size and grooming. Financially I am stable to pay for all the doggie necessities. Just looking for lots of information on the breed themselves Aimeedyan DIS Veteran. Joined Feb 22, There are no breed traits to go off of. Health screening, genetic testing, temperment testing, etc.

Make sure they didn't just mate the two purebreds they have but that they were selective in ensuring they aren't passing on painful genetic issues to puppies. A decent breeder will also require you to fix your puppy, as to not add to the pet population, and make you sign a contract stating you'll return the puppy to them if you can't care for it anymore.

Good breeders don't want "their" puppies to end up euthanized if the owner can't care for them anymore 4 - Check the local rescues through Petfinder.

People get them thinking they will be good for allergies and not shed and BAM! I know 3 people that adopted a "goldendoodle" that way. It's worth a shot.He is such a fun, curious and sweet guy. Has a big personality and is growing so big already! Everyone who meets him loves him. Have a great summer! F1 Mini Goldendoodle. Kirsten and Dean, Just wanted to send an email to update you on our puppy.

He went to the vet yesterday.


His check up went well and he is on schedule with his vaccines. Mike and I are overjoyed. Woody is the sweetest pup. He enjoys laying under a magnolia tree in the backyard and his favorite snack is carrots. Just wanted to give you an update.

My daughter Lola was thrilled with her surprise birthday puppy!! We named him Louis pronounced Louie. He goes for his puppy well visit on Friday! Thank you so much for giving us this little bundle of joy. Just wanted to give a little update on our pup! We went with the name Ridley after the Alabama football player Calvin Ridley.

GoldenDoodle owners!!! Tell me the good, bad and ugly!

He is so so sweet. We have had a few accidents at the house, to be expected but getting better each day! He did great and is a happy, healthy, pup! We could not be happier with our new little guy! We are beyond thankful for Norwood Goldendoodles for bring Drake into our lives.Mixing the best of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, the Goldendoodle is one of a kind and suitable for any homeowner.

Goldendoodles are also considered hypoallergenic, nonshedding, and have a happy temperament which is why they are becoming so popular.

Goldendoodle Puppies in Pennsylvania (PA) – Top 5 Breeders!

Either way, you look at it, Goldendoodles are a sight to behold and a charm to have. Most of their breeding dogs live in their home as family members. The rest of their Goldendoodle puppies live in hand-selected guardian homes but come to whelp and raise their pups in their home.

Bear River Doodles PA raise the litters in their home and introduce them to a variety of sounds that they will hear in their forever home.

This includes household sounds, car sounds, children, and cats. Socializing a Goldendoodle puppy to sounds at an early age makes them less anxious and fearful later on in their life. The fee is applied to the total purchase. Each puppy comes with a 2-year health warranty against genetic illnesses and lifetime support from the Bear River Doodles Team.

This is one of the best Goldendoodle breeders in PA. Jonesing for a Doodle started with a love-struck match on the streets of D. C 15 years ago.

The owner, Barbara Jones, was walking in D. C when she saw the most exquisite dog walking on the other side of the street. The cream standard Goldendoodle was a sight to behold with its majestic stature. Upon a closer look, she also discovered how kind and intelligent the Goldendoodle was. Today, Jonesing for a Doodle specializes in mini, medium, and standard Multigenerational Goldendoodles.

All of their breeding dogs live in their homes and are registered with GANA. We consider Jonesing for a Doodle as one of the top Goldendoodle breeders in Pennsylvania.

Their mission is to ensure you have a well-adjusted, home-ready, and healthy puppy for you and your family. The Goldendoodles size range from Mini and Petite to Medium. Most of their breeding dogs live in their home. The rest live in guardian homes across Pennsylvania but come to whelp in their home. Every Goldendoodle puppy has individual pricing listed on their website.

They usually base the pick of the litter on when the deposits are received. The first deposit typically gets first pick and so on.

They specialize in F1 and F1B Goldendoodle puppies. The Goldendoodle puppy size range from mini to medium. Little Mountain Doodles takes great pride in ensuring their doodles are happy, healthy, and well-socialized.

Therefore, all their puppies are raised in their home with their children where they receive love, care, and attention. Norwood Goldendoodles keep all their pups at home and in a climate-controlled, comfortable kennel area. Their parent dogs and puppies receive training and socialization with adults and children. As the puppies grow, Norwood Goldendoodles introduce the puppies to unfamiliar environments to ensure they are comfortable with many surroundings.

Each Goldendoodle puppy comes with a 2-year health guarantee against genetic defects. Pennsylvania is one of the best states in the US for the Goldendoodle breed.

There are tons of activities that Goldendoodles can do with their new Goldendoodle owners whether they are going out for a swim or hiking through Pennsylvania.We're happy you're here!

Our puppies are raised in a loving environment, and covered with plenty of TLC. Each puppy is vet-checked, vaccinated, de-wormed, and comes with our personal. Browse our Puppies page to see all available puppies, learn more About Usand feel free to Contact Us anytime if you have any questions! Reserve your perfect puppy today! Mini Poodle. Papa Milo Mini Poodle. How can you say no to a face like this?!

norwood doodles

We've been in love with this beautiful breed for years, and cherish the moments we get to spend with each puppy before they find their new homes. We are a short drive away from Indiana's 2nd-largest city, Fort Wayne. All of our dogs get plenty of exercise—chasing each other around the great outdoors, digging holes they shouldn't be digging, and swimming in our pond.

Each and every puppy that comes our way is a treasure, and is guaranteed to be covered with heaps of TLC—from their mothers AND us. From our family to yours. Each puppy is vet-checked, vaccinated, de-wormed, and comes with our personal 2-year Health Guarantee. Papa Milo. Reserve or Purchase. Mama Chloe. We Only Feed the Best. Find a Royal Canin retailer near you.North American Retrievers.

This new cross is only being done by a few breeders and the results have been a beautiful blend of both hybrid breeds! Our puppies are born in their own climate controlled bedroom and handled several times daily with tender loving care.

At the age of three weeks they are moved to our kitchen so they can start getting used to normal household sights and sounds. They are socialized with small children and adults and they are also familiarized with our cats. The puppies are vet checked and current on shots and are started on crate training and potty training! Charley and Lynzie - Our First Doodles! We believe in giving each puppy their best chance at becoming a beloved pet.

We make sure they are healthy, happy and well adjusted. Our dogs are CKC registered and are our family pets. They live in our home, not in a kennel. They have great personalities and are very healthy. The puppies are held often, even before their eyes are open, to establish a trust relationship with humans and a bond that will serve them for the rest of their lives. We also use Early Neural Stimulation as it has been proven that the benefits are:.

Dimora Restaurant Norwood NJ

Improved cardio vascular performance heart rate. Stronger heart beats. Stronger adrenal glands. More tolerance to stress. Greater resistance to disease. We provide worming, shots and vet care as needed for the healthiest puppies possible, and provide those records to their family when adopted.

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The puppies are weighed regularly, to head off any problems early. We are proud to be breeding the North American Retriever and it is our mission to improve the coat, to make it a more manageable one and also to improve bone structure and head shape. Unlike purebreds that are bred to reproduce the same qualities of the parents, breeding hybrids results in producing different characteristics in the puppies.Are you familiar with the immunity gap that puppies go through?

This creates a significant drop in their immunity. The puppies are also dealing with the stress of moving into their home, which includes being exposed to novel viruses and bacteria which can cause health issues. In addition, the vaccines are most effective if they are at peak immunity support. The product is awesome for older dogs, dogs in peak performance as well, so we recommend a lifetime of NuVet.

It can act as a treat and save on Vet bills. The product is a closed program, for Vets, Breeders and select pet professionals and we have made it available through our breeding program.

However, if you order multiple bottles this will give you additional discounting as well. You can call them during the week, Monday - Friday West Coast hours or order it from their website listed on the letter.

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If possible keep your dog on the product for a lifetime — great for dogs in their prime and aging dogs as well. It also can be given the same way you would give a treat. You will also avoid Vet bills — believe me, this product pays for itself. NuVet Plus is unique as it is a natural human grade supplement that is made in an FDA registered human pharmaceutical facility and its ingredients are held to very high scrutiny. As a result, NuVet with over 2 million pets on the product has never had a recall.

Web Hosting by iPage.Welcome to the home of the Minnesota Doodle. Our main focus is raising healthy, well-socialized puppies with amazing temperaments. All of our puppies get lots of love and care while they are with us in our home. All puppies are raised in our home until they leave to be with their forever families.

My children have a huge part in raising our puppies. Each puppy will be well socialized with children, adults, and other dogs. We start the puppies out on kennel training at 6 weeks old.

When the puppies are 8 weeks old, they are able to go be with their families. Families are welcome to pick up their puppy at our home or delivery options are always available. We provide lifetime support as you raise your puppy along with a one-year health guarantee. We would love for you to join the Northwood Doodles family. Please take time to read about our dogs and our family.

Sheepadoodles are easy to train and are non-shedding. They love their people and are loyal and devoted to their family. Sheepadoodles are very affectionate, loving dogs. They are excellent with children. They make us smile each day!

They are big teddy bears that love nothing more than to hop up into your lap and cuddle. Along with the F1 sheepadoodle, they are very intelligent. They are fun-loving, sweet, calm puppies. They are great with kids and are very affectionate.

Available Puppies

They are extremely smart and lovable. They are known to be very gentle and affectionate. Bernedoodles have a laid back, calm temperament. Bernedoodles also love to sit in your lap and relax. They love children and do very well with other animals.

norwood doodles

F1B Bernedoodles tend to be non-shedding and very curly. These puppies are great for people that have allergies. They are very friendly, affectionate dogs.

Bernedoodles love children and other animals.


They love to play and are very happy. Bernedoodles also have a very laid back side to them and love to cuddle and be lazy.

norwood doodles

Skip to content Welcome to the home of the Minnesota Doodle. Here is a little about the breeds we raise.


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